Odysseus Returns Home

After twenty years Greece can finally welcome back its beloved hero Odysseus. Odysseus has returned home from his ten year voyage after the end of the Trojan war that we Greeks so victoriously won. Odysseus’ wife Penelope who was able to ward of the manny suitors that tried to win her over was shocked and relieved to see her husband return. To avoid the suspicion of the suitors on his return home, who would have killed him to claim his throne and wife, Odysseus being the clever cunning person he is was able to pose as an old beggar until such a time arrived when he could safely reveal his identity. Such a moment arrived when Penelope set a contest saying she would marry the suitor which could shoot her husband Odysseus’ old bow. All failed to even to be able to string the bow, apart from odysseus who did so with ease. But now Odysseus is back home and what a story he has to tell about his ten year voyage. Odysseus hasn’t revealed much about his journey saying that we will all be able to read about it ourselves, as he is releasing it in the form of a poem titled the Odyssey. The poem will be compiled by the highly regarded Greek writer Homer, who has worked with other famous Greek heroes such as Achilles. What Odysseus has revealed to us is that it is an exciting adventure featuring lots of action, sirens, Cyclopes, immortals and many more exciting encounters, But to say anymore would reveal too much stated Odysseus.


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